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Our company sells all types of 100% natural avocado processes, including:


The avocados are ripened until they have an adequate firmness and flavor. They are then peeled and sliced by hand, yielding delicious avocados peeled, pitted and cut in half. The products obtained are passed through an antioxidant bath (citric / ascorbic acid, salt), and IQF freezing is carried out before being packaged.


Avocados are ripened until they have a firm and adequate flavor. They are then peeled and cut by hand. The cubes obtained are introduced into an antioxidant solution (citric / ascorbic acid) and IQF before being packaged.


Cold sauce that is prepared with crushed avocado, to which is added onion, tomato, serrano pepper and coriander; it is typical of Mexico and some Central American countries.


As in the halves, the avocados are ripened until they have an adequate firmness and flavor. The main difference is that the cutting process is mechanical, thus adapting to the customer’s needs and being able to offer the following forks in terms of product dimensions:

     – Length: 20 – 65 mm

     – Width: 4.5 – 12 cm

     – Thickness: 7 – 10 mm


Avocado pulp spreadable, preservative-free, gluten-free and with 99.2% avocado.

Why choose us?

La Victoria

Our goal is to become the largest competitor in the avocado industry, combining market strategies and quality controls along with competitive prices to provide the best avocado on the market to satisfy our customers.


Provide high quality products, grown, harvested and packaged with the highest standards of quality and safety. Always having as a fundamental interest the health and well-being of our environment, taking care of the environment and the physical, economic and social security of all those who are part of Aguacatec La Victoria.


To be a leading company in the sector, based on reputation, high quality and safety systems applied to the field and packaging and whose systems ensure the company's growth projection. Thus guaranteeing family, economic and social security to all the people who in one way or another make up Aguacatec La Victoria.

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